6-Week Challenge

Revitalize Your Fitness in 2024 with Our 6-Week Challenge!

Let us take YOU on a transformative fitness journey starting January 15th at 6:30 pm with our expert-led 6-Week Challenge. Whether you're aiming to shed pounds or build strength, our dedicated team guarantees results, or your money back!

Your journey begins with a personalized assessment to establish your baseline, setting the stage for a tailored routine crafted by our experienced staff. Work out up to 4 days a week alongside like-minded individuals, fostering a supportive community that keeps you motivated and inspired throughout your fitness adventure.

Our comprehensive approach covers education, mobility, strength, and recovery during your sessions. Benefit from weekly weigh-ins and nutritional guidance to ensure you stay on track. We're committed to walking beside you, addressing the physical, mental, nutritional, and emotional aspects crucial to your success.

As a participant, you'll enjoy a host of exclusive perks, including a weekly meal tracker, mouthwatering recipes, discounted nutritional supplements, and FitAid products.

Say goodbye to becoming just another New Year statistic – commit to embracing the athlete within you!

Challenge Details:

  • Duration: January 15th to February 22nd
  • Sessions: Monday to Thursday at 6:30 pm
  • Completion Reward: Exclusive 6-Week Challenge Success Shirt
  • Investment: $199

Don't miss this chance to kickstart your fitness journey and achieve the results you deserve. Join the challenge and make 2024 the year you transform into your best self!