Functional Fitness

Our daily classes combine cardio, barbell, interval training and more. We believe in a community aspect built on sweat and strong friendships.

These classes are designed to be modified for any level. It doesn't matter if you've working out daily for years, or never lifted a weight in your life. We have athletes from all backgrounds and love meeting athletes where they are comfortable.


GoFit is a less intimidating option than traditional classes, but it's still an equally good workout. Our coaches take you through bodyweight functional movements that will help you train for life.

There is no pre-cursor to this class. You don’t need to “get into shape” or “better prepare yourself” for it, you just have to show up and let our coaches help you reach your goals.

GoFit takes place Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30-7:30 pm. Membership does not include open access to the gym.

"Supportive Community & Awesome Coaches"

"I was terrified as I walked into the gym for GoFit. I was over 50, had bad knees, and hadn’t found any workout that I enjoyed in decades. Astonishingly, I loved the workouts, and even more the supportive community and awesome coaching in our GoFit class. The attention to detail for safe technique has taught me to lift big weight and work out without injury. A few months later, I heard 'You should try it! My mom even does it.' Those prideful words from my adult son, who even partners with me during some workouts, made me realize that this life change has impacted our family. Nearly one year later, all 5 of us do it together whenever possible."

-Joni J.

Have Questions?

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